Sirdata Analytics Helper

Welcome to the Sirdata Analytics Helper documentation, the solution that allows you to maintain the use of Google Analytics (UA and GA4 compatible) in compliance with the legal framework by :

  • Preventing the deposit of Google Analytics cookies in the event of refusal or absence of consent

  • Maintaining analytics statistics in case of refusal or absence of consent

  • Processing the compliance of the transfer of personal data to the United States via a proxy service as advised by the CNIL

the purpose of proxification is to prevent direct identification of the user by the American intelligence services, or from an indirect identification via an access to data obtained from Google.

The very principle of this service is therefore to break the direct link between Google Analytics and all the other Google services.

If you measure the effectiveness of Google Ads advertising via Google Analytics, or if you share remarketing audiences, you must make arrangements to work differently because these features will not be effective.

For example, you may consider using Google Ads pixels or tags (remarketing and/or conversion measurement) if you believe their use is compliant.

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